OG Band Las Vegas.
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Coming Up:

Friday, May 28, 2021 at Dive Bar

Terbo Ted: bass, vocals
Chris Vex: guitar, vocals
Jonah 'Tiger' Shulman: drums, vocals

for booking, contact terboted@gmail.com

OG is a rock band based in downtown Las Vegas. In traditional rock and roll terminology, they are a supergroup: the trio formed in late 2019 with highly experienced and seasoned players.

The band takes its name from the OG Gentlemen's Club, which is located on a forgotten area of The Strip on S Las Vegas Blvd in downtown Las Vegas. The band met, rehearses and records onstage in this space, which has been closed to the public for a number of years. Situated between the new strip and the historical strip on Fremont Street, the band refers to this forlorn district as Dumpster Flats, which is remarkable for its empty lots and... dumpsters. Dumpster Flats is just north of "Naked City"- a sketchy area centered at Sahara and S Las Vegas Blvd (which the band avoids)- and a block or more south of the emerging 18b "Arts District" (where the band regularly socializes).

With many years of playing behind the individual group members, the band is- as expected- full of historical references, to both the post-punk grunge period and classic hard rock from decades past. Skipping and otherwise ignoring the tendency of Las Vegas bands to play cover tunes for a living, OG only plays original material written by the band. The songs and playing can be described as whimsical, direct, aggressive and capricious.

Guitarist Chris Vex is a longtime cornerstone of the Las Vegas Arts District music scene. Well known for running and curating the infamous 18b (and now defunct) FunkYard stage, Vex is a mentor for a long list of local Las Vegas bands. His initial experience comes from Hollywood and Los Angeles, where he was on the scene with many rock bands in the Sunset Strip glam rock and MTV heyday in the 1980s, mostly working as a sound engineer and stage technician. His most recent side project is as the experimental longform Guitar Stoner.

Singer and bassist Terbo Ted has a long history, including seven solo albums and lengthy stints in four rock bands in the San Francisco Bay Area scene over the decades stretching back to the 1980s. However, his biggest claim to fame is for being the first person to DJ at the then-unknown Burning Man Festival in 1992. Locally in Las Vegas, Ted is recognized for his role in DJ Dad Shirt, an electronica jam band known for its long improvisational sets.

Drummer Jonah "Tiger" Shulman is a stalwart on the local Las Vegas scene, playing regularly with multiple bands. Dead Money is the most well known of these groups, performing as many as half a dozen shows or more every week around Las Vegas. Jonah is also a member of the group DJ Dad Shirt which also features Terbo. When not rocking out or perusing his extensive collection of vintage comic books, Shulman is a mild-mannered mathematics professor at the University of Las Vegas.

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